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Cinema Insomnia : Starcrash

Mr. Lobo has discovered that the last copy of Starcrash exists on board the Deep Space Super Station One. Many years ago before the last copies of the film were destroyed by the combined efforts of the Caroline Monroe Fan Club, Christopher Plummber's estate and George Lucas's lawyers, the deep space station recorded the film on magnetic tape. By using one of two Dynabeam receivers (Lobo has one and Europes number one horror hostess Astra Naughty has the other) Lobo is able to broadcast Starcrash for his Sleepless Knights to enjoy.

Lobo's Dynabeam feed is interrupted when a group of Louisiana Klingons attack the station. The stations curator jettisons the tapes before the station is destroyed, but they are now scattered across the galaxy.

Lucky for Mr. Lobo his European counterpart Astra Naughty has a spaceship...and a large set of glands. Together with their robot companion Ro-Man the two set out to find the lost tapes. Their quest leads them to the most remote sections of the galaxy including the evil space station of movie tie-in merchandise. In the end Mr. Lobo"s haggling skills fetch the last tape from the hands of a crazed salesman on the Garage Sale Planet. Once again Starcrash has been saved for future um...enjoy.

Without a doubt this is by far the most polished episode of Cinema Insomnia to date. Lobo's comic talents are showcased in several wonderful sci-fi parodies that match perfectly with the copy-cat film Starcrash. Also included are some great bits featuring Kristie Fenyo as the European sex kitten Astra Naughty. There is a interesting cameo by Church of Ed Wood founder Reverend Steve who pleads his case that Starcrash is a worse film than Plan 9 From Outer Space. I don't think any of us could argue against that.

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Reviewer: cosmico - - August 31, 2010
Subject: Starcrash & Mr. Lobo
Um, is this film really PD?


Type of Work: Recorded Document
Document Number: V1668P359
Date of Recordation: 1978-07-10
Entire Copyright Document: V1668P359 (Single page document)
Date of Execution: 27Dec77
Title: Starcrash; motion picture & screenplay / By Louis Cozzi & Nat Wachsberger.
Notes: Mortgage & assignment of copyright & motion picture rights.
Party 1: Film Enterprises, Ltd.
Party 2: Walter E. Heller & Company.

Names: Film Enterprises, Ltd.
Walter E. Heller & Company.


And are Mr. Lobo's segments PD?

Reviewer: stingrayfilms - - August 31, 2010
Subject: Can't view this format
Could you please re-load this as a conventional MPEG-4 file or files? My computer can't play this format or find the right software to download etc (this techno-stuff gives me such a headache).
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